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Typography Nine - Love Music by princepoo Typography Nine - Love Music by princepoo
Love is listening to the lyrics and finally understanding them.
Feeling the lyrics pouring into your head.

Nothing much more to add except... read the lyrics. Recognize the songs. Remember something. Feel something.

Enjoy it.
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Identity-Rejected Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009  Student Interface Designer
This is exactly what I would make for all of my favorite lyrics and song titles if I had the skill and time. Fortunately, you do. Nice job. :]
Awoken-myth Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008
Amazing... the essence of music :heart:
Violist90 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2008
That's what I always say, first understand... Nice job Congratulations!!!
afreespirit Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2008
Phenomenal! Every time I look at this, there's a lyric from a song that I recognize and I'm like "OH! I remember that one! I love that song!"

Awesome work here.
Shed-senpai Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2008
I was looking around for an idea for my next art project, and I came accross your Typography 7 - Life. It inspired me to work with typography, and after looking around some more, I decided to make a self-portrait using song lyrics. Then I came look more around your work, and I found this - much like what I want to do myself, and absolutely touching. Wonderful.
weeeooo Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2007
absolutely beautiful. you almost made me cry... haha...
sneblomst Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2007
Love it!
Everytime I see it, it reminds me of a place, person or situation from my dearest memories.
It always makes me smile, thx!
akima28 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2006
This is absolutely amazing! Great execution of the concept! I've been working on and off for years with ideas like this one! You nailed this one! :+fav:
singsorrow Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2006
I love your work. If you don't mind me asking, what program did you use to create this, and how long do you think it took? It looks like it took alot of work.
HeLLKaTSTaRKiTTy Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2006
Love is... recognizing the lyrics that touch that deepest part of your soul and connecting with it.

It's what this did for me. =) It's beautiful ^^
marryinchains Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
I really did...oh, such a perfect day... you just keep me hanging on :D Thank you! This really means alot to me. all the lyrics from favorite songs.... THANK YOU :hug:
hic-et-ubique Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2005
i was just kinda scrolling up and down, trying to think of something beautiful to say . couldn't think of anything, i had lots of ideas though
" a warm in a cold morning"
" a splash of pure passion on "
" a heart not afraid of being examined openly"

i thought, just say something! anything! nope.
how can i compare this to anything when i've never experienced anything like this.
no way. no how.

every time you submit something, i feel so incomplete because everything seems so new to me.
you're so open about your feelings, it's unbelievable.
k423n Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2004
*in total agreement*
augustmelody Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2003
I don't think I've ever viewed this, how absurd! Ohh it makes me what to work on typography so badly, and I just sang about 15 different, great songs over the course of the few minutes viewing this. You're wonderful!
MidnightBoos Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2003
this is so beautiful, i'm going to cry.
reminds me of work i *used* to do in my classes.
i now work in a copy shop, where god forbid you use an unusual font on a document, or tinker with the typograthy, because the original sucks...... i digress.
so.... i envy you, friend.

oh yeah.

devwatch! wheee!

princepoo Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2003
thank you, that meant a lot to me.
jiwwy Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2003
Three words - Oh. My. God. I love it SO much and it's my new wallpaper. Thank you for posting, I know most of these songs the ones that touch me, I'll do my damndest to find them too. Oooh, thank you again. ^^
charmprincess Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2003   Writer
wow..... *speachless*
xandershanks Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2003
most excellent wallpaper!

Thumbs Up :D (Big Grin)

it now resides on my desktop - wheeee!!!
qwerty-dot-me Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2003   Photographer
This shows of you're skills in art, it surpasses every thing what you've done so far. Love this piece, really do. How much time did you spend to create such beauty???
There's only one way +fav
klepschmitt Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2003
wow, what else can i say
passenger-nq Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2003
Yeah. i totaly agree with this understanding lyrics thing. Music is kind of a universal language. What a time consuming job you did there. The red/white colors are cool too. awesome job dude.
nitehood Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2003
dude, your typography skills rock!
the way the text is amongst the waves of red (music/sound waves?)
then you got that simple character chillin to some tunes!
i came across an interesting quote today from an the artist David Byrne:

"On the other hand, music can inspire love, religious ecstasy, cathartic release, social bonding and a glimpse of another dimension. A sense that there is another time, another space and another, better, universe. It can heal a broken heart, offer a shoulder to cry on and a friend when no one else understands. There are times when you want to be transported, to get your mind around some stuff it never encountered before."

it came out of an article called "I Hate World Music" from the New York Times.
the rest of the article is quite fascinating and mr byrne makes a lot of good points about classifying music. you can find it here [link]
just click on the i hate world music icon.

peace man!
Batman nite
dragonorion Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2003
VERY nice. I recognize most of the songs. :D (Big Grin) You did a good job at keeping them all coherent. Each is it's own individual piece. Well worked out. Musta taken you a while, huh?

I'm not sure about the "understanding music" part, the "g" is the only descender and it makes it look too much like an "a". Not quite sure you would fix it, but it bugs me...

I really like your signature in the word "nine".

Where is #8, though? o_O

overfire Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2003
awesome work! i am totally in love with this piece. you rock at typography!
oedalis Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
In your enthusiasm, I think you may have forgotten to give us a little breathing space, but the idea is very cool and the colors are, of course, perfect. I love the little dude with the headphones on in the corner. :D (Big Grin)
neocpmn Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2003   Photographer
Another FANTASTIC+AMAZING+WONDERFUL job. I love this. Fantastic idea. Music says soo many things... great job portraying it!

surfergrl Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2003
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