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October 20, 2003
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Typography Fifteen - Fall by princepoo Typography Fifteen - Fall by princepoo
typo_15_sensation.psd : 19.8 MB
time elapsed : 5.0 hours
tools used : magnetic lasso, text, and shape tools.

In other places, it's called autumn. And that has a majestic air to it, a beautiful ring of dignity and refinement.

I think this is a good progression for the fifteenth numbered Typography exercise. Fall is change. Fall is watching your surroundings melt into different days. It is an ode to fall, of course, but also a celebration of my evolution into a college student. Fall is mature, unlike the somber subdued winter and the rash and superficial summer.

I saw a leaf fall the other day. I watched people walk by as it floated gently towards the ground, wavering indecisively as to weather [ha] it should plummet or soar, whether it would choose the asphalt or the heavens.

It chose the asphalt, and was stepped on. I wanted to take a picture of that leaf, that sign of change, that post-it thrown down by nature. But I realized, as it fell, how pointless that would be. A photo, though beautiful, cannot capture moments like these. Moments where a single flicker and a fluid gasp carry leaves and cradle them in comforting arms.

Fall in Berkeley isn't like fall in Massachusetts, but it still has the same significance. It's a physical reminder that things change even when we don't think they will.

Seasons pass, winds shift, colors change, and passions... pass. But hearts, caught in the wind like leaves, shine just as brightly.

A return.
A return, to Typography.

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Jauclyn-Productions Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009  Professional Photographer
this piece is being featured in my upcoming journal.
zer0reality Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2003
nice.. description..

nice colors too

i like =)
qwerty-dot-me Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2003   Photographer
i hope I say enough when I just add this to my favorite collection. I love the composition and the text is just you / amazing. There can be only one.
gaussianterror Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2003
Pay no attention to the detractors, Sha. I for one like the colors :D

"Basic vectors along with text" are basic indeed, and take considerable skill to form something interesting and innovative.

I can see how the text flows, but I wouldn't describe it as a "canter." Centering it would be to ruin it completely.
oedalis Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awww...we luff j00 :O_o:

well...I do. :love:
princepoo Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2003
:) i love me too. :D
itsghost Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2003
Reasonably poor color choice and the bottom leaf conflicts with the text, also its not cantered properly which is kind of distracting.
princepoo Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2003
the trendwhores are banding together now? :)

i'd agree that the color choices don't fit the theme of Autumn, but they're the Berkeley school colors, and since the piece as a whole represents more of a maturation of my college experience reflected in the changing of the seasons, i think the colors fit fine. the bottom leaf was cut to contrast with the text, to draw more attention to the only break in the black borders. the black borders were intentionally shifted upwards to draw attention away from the bottom yellow portion and give it less of a heavy feeling.

criticism, though, is good to hear. i think i need to see what people don't like about an image [although sometimes unfounded] to see how i answer those critiques.
Armada Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2003   Digital Artist
not being mean or nothing.... but i find this fairly random... Basic vectors along with text.. You flame my art even though myn takes more time and thinking....

later man... i thought with your comments on my piece you would own me all over the art park.. but you arnt man.. later
princepoo Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2003
i thought this bickering was over, but i suppose you don't think so.

i guess you just don't understand what i was saying at all.
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